Dear Friends in the Fight for Common Sense Gun Control,

We want to update you on our effort to create a march on Washington DC that will have great impact and be worthy of the lives of those lost to gun violence. 

Based on our conversations with people in government, this is going to be a long fight. The NRA will dig in and oppose, with all of their might, every single measure that is proposed. This is no surprise to all of us following the issue—those who are familiar with Wayne LaPierre and his cronies’ out of touch responses and cold, calculating words since the Newtown massacre. 

The NRA will do everything in its power to prevent change. We must match their effort every day, day after day till that change is made.

It will be key for our movement to maintain pressure on our legislators and ensure that the fringe does not exert outsized influence on this issue simply because they are the loudest voice in the room. We must show our elected officials that the “Connecticut Effect” will not fade until the parents and grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and friends--all the concerned adults in this nation--are satisfied that change has been made, and that the children that they love are safe.

Because of our conversations with those in government, we are strategically aiming to hold our a march when our efforts can make the most impact on legislative efforts and advance the common agenda of our coalition partners. As of now, we expect that time to be May.

Our effort at that time will be focused on showing the House that we will not allow them to recess for summer without instituting the meaningful and common-sense changes in gun control law that the majority of our nation agree with and demand. 

We are forging alliances with important collaborators to ensure that our march will have the greatest impact. And we promise, though May seems far from now, the wait will be short and worthwhile and our march will have great effect.

As the president said in last night’s State of the Union address, this time really is different for this issue. An overwhelming majority of Americans support gun control reform. But we will only be successful if we commit to the long fight. Please continue to join us!

Stay tuned as we carry on with our efforts, for the victims—for their families—for our nation—for our children.


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The Million Kids March Founding Volunteer Team has been working tirelessly since the Newtown tragedy to bring this march, in support of common sense gun control, to fruition. The response we have received has been enormous beyond our wildest dreams. Thank you! We are now looking at an event that is massive in scale with potentially hundreds of thousands—or a million—of us taking over the Washington Mall.

We have decided to focus on a date just prior to any gun safety legislation being considered by Congress, so our march can have maximum influence on the debate.  The date when Congress will consider legislation remains unknown, but we are actively working our connections to determine when it might be.

Please watch this space for up-to-the-minute updates on our progress, announcements, and a new march date as soon as we have it.  We will be updating on a regular basis.

Again, thank you! And spread the word. Together we can make the change we seek. 

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We're Live!

Welcome to the new site!  The blog is where we'll post updates about the Million Kids March (MKM).  Things we might post about could include:

  • Lates news on securing our permit to march in DC.
  • New opportunities to volunteer, before the march itself.
  • Press about our efforts, so we can see the awareness we're creating.
  • Major milestones in terms of impact, and volunteer engagement.
  • And anything else that seems relevant!

At the same time, we'll be cross-posting blog posts to the Facebook Page.  The FB page is also the place where our community (that's on Facebook) can be posting for now.  Eventually we'll figure out a way for that posting to happen here as well. 

Thanks for your support.   And if you haven't pledged to march, please sign up and take the pledge!

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Will you help bring one million kids to DC on a march to inspire sensible gun policies in America?
Who could say no to a million kids? Not even Congress.