One Million Kids March on Washington DC for Sensible Gun Policies

Why One Million Kids Marching?

Every year in America children are the victims of hideous gun crimes.  Most recently it was the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school in Newtown Connecticut, which claimed the lives of 20 students and 6 teachers who died in their defense.

The guns used in this most recent shooting rampage were purchased legally.  And that’s the problem: it’s too easy to get guns in America, and it’s putting our kids at risk.  But how can we change achieve safer and more sensible gun policies in America?  What’s been tried before has failed: it’s easier than ever to get guns today.

We think the answer begins with a broad cultural shift-- a seismic shift in the acceptance of gun violence in our lives.  This cultural change can then change the political climate, and the political will, that makes it possible to change our gun policies.  

How do we effect this cultural change?  

We think the answer begins with our children.  They’re the ones that we have to explain these horrible crimes to, and they’re the ones that will inherit the world we give them.  So let’s empower our children to advocate for a better, safer, America -- and stand with them to add our voices, too.

What if a million kids marched on Washington DC to demand sensible gun policies?  Who could say no to a million kids?

A million kids on the Mall...

A million kids advocating for safe schools across America...

Coming together in one great day...

Who could say no to that...?

This is the vision of the Kids March on Washington DC for Sensible Gun Policies: an extraordinary moment where a million of America’s children come to Washington with their parents, grandparents, teachers, and friends, to peaceably assemble for a better America.

In addition to creating a climate where real progress on gun violence becomes possible, the MKM is an extraordinary teaching moment for our children.  Imagine being a child-- an uncynical, optimistic person where anything is possible-- and coming to Washington to petition our government.  In addition to advocating for a great cause, you’d learn about:

  • The power of peaceful assembly.
  • The rights of citizens (even kids) to petition their representatives.
  • And the power of collective action for a cause.

Participating in the MKM offers kids the experience of a lifetime, empowering a generation to engage and take action around the issues they care about.  The MKM is a potential win-win on every front: political, legislative, cultural, educational.

The MKM began on Facebook as an idea.  You can visit the page here:

The idea immediately struck a chord, coming less than 36 hours after the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.  Now the aim is to take this germ of an idea-- a million kids to DC-- and make it real.

Together, let's do it!

“Kids March” has no affiliation with “Million Kids.” “Million Kids” is a nonprofit organization that combats human trafficking and is in no way is affiliated with the Kids March. If you have reached this site in error please follow the accompanying link to the “Million Kids” website.


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